Rance Retirement and interview with Konrad Marshall

December 22nd, 2019

Huge Christmas podcast with a retrospective of the footballing God that was Rance followed by a interview with Konrad Marshall, author of Stronger and Bolder. 



Post Draft 2019

December 8th, 2019

A huge draft pod with a comprehensive wrap of our draft haul and list moves, plus other off-season news.

Pre Draft 2019

November 24th, 2019

Its a almost hour long podcast extravaganza as we catch up the off season news and preview the draft

Offseason 2019

October 27th, 2019

We review season 2019, looking at the highs and lows of the second year of the Ross Lyon era  

October 14 2019

October 14th, 2019

Do you want another show revelling in the grand final? Yes! Plus off-season news and trades

2019 Premiers!!!

September 29th, 2019

We are premeries! Lots of hot takes as we go through the list and declare them all to be awesome

Grand Final 2019 Preview

September 27th, 2019

Nick is nervous, Andy is confident, nothing is a surprise. 

We are in another Grand Final!

September 22nd, 2019

Emergency podcast to celebrate the mighty come from behind win over the Cats. Lynch! Prestia! Dusty! 

Preliminary Final Preview

September 18th, 2019

All the nerves and excitement of another Preliminary Final - breaking down the Cats and how we can win. Plus an uncomfortable truth as we preview the VFL grand final. 

Qualifying Final Recap

September 10th, 2019

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty and all the rest from a great win over the Lions. (Note this was recorded before the sad news about Danny Frawley)

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